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Go-pro handle with 4,000Lm video-light 

U40 floating light lens.jpg

The merit of Go-Pro handle



- Go-pro handle is light-weight and strong anodized aluminum body.
- It can be easily mounted the wide beam underwater light and go-pro.
- The angle of the underwater video-light can be adjusted easily and freely.
- Depending on the angle of go-pro and action camera, the underwater video-light can be attached over 4 lights up and down.
- It can be clearly photographed the subject without shadow in the water.
- A handle with a stand can be protected the go-pro, action camera and waterproof light.
- The go-pro handle can be attached the magnifier.
- The magnifier can see the small screen like go-pro to big screen.


gopro handle E.jpg

Our Clients


Underwater photo                                  Navy                                               Fire/Rescue                               Ship inspection                           Underwater industrial

INNOBEAM waterproof flashlight can use both in water and on land

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